Unali setup fee

Quick to deploy for fast results.

A one time fee to setup the platform on your eshop.

Contact us to learn more about applicable fees.



  • Product inventory upload 

We upload the inventory that you wish to see curated and promoted.


  • Wish list setup

We create the wish list for each influencers and on-board them onto the wish list curation and promotion process.


  • Checkout integration*

If required, we do the necessary work to ensure that products are added to your commerce’s checkout.


Rollout support


  • Project manager

A dedicated Project Manager to interface with all parties involved.

  • Software engineer

A dedicated software engineer to fine tune and ensure a seamless platform deployment.


  • On-boarding toolkit

All the written ressources required for a smooth on-boarding of the parties involved.

*for eshop with customized checkout

Unali service fee

Social Commerce that scales

A monthly fee based on traffic + revenue generated

Contact us to learn more about applicable fees.



  • Upkeep 

A dedicated team that ensure the

on-going performance of Unali.


  • Automated messaging

Unali comes packaged with personalized automated messaging to maximize wish list owner engagement.


  • Cloud storage, CI etc.

We take care of all the on-going engineering necessities that goes with an advanced cloud services such as Unali.


Services & Support


  • Conversion package

A dedicated Data Scientist to personalize wish list sorting algorithm.


  • Retention package*

A dedicated Data Scientist and Community Manager to build lasting shopping communities.


  • Monitoring & Reporting

A dedicated project manager to monitor and report overall platform performance to you.


*for eshops with the Squad feature activated

Want to know more?

You can contact our sales team. Learn how Unali wish lists can help you increase sales and lower acquisition costs.